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Food Experiences in Maryland

A foodie's paradise

Maryland is a foodie’s paradise, with a variety of local specialties. From our farms and dairies to the Chesapeake and the sea, there’s a bounty of fresh ingredients to be found. Maryland may be most famous for its crabs, but don't miss our craft breweries, world-class restaurants, eclectic food trucks, unique food festivals and family-owned farms.

Steamed Crabs

Perfectly spiced heat with a sweet, buttery finish . . . dig in to the best crabs you've ever tasted at a Maryland crab feast - it's all about fun, flabor, and socializing.

Smith Island Cake

With up to 14 wafer-thin layers of delicate yellow cake, each covered in rich chocolate icing, the Smith Island Cake is the pinnacle of the confectioner’s art and Maryland’s official state dessert. Smith Island Baking Company is famous for its classic version.

Soft-Shall Crab Sandwich

Traditionally floured, pan-fried and served whole on a roll with crisp lettuce and fresh tomato, soft shell crab sandwiches are a local delicacy.  Crisfield Seafood in Potomac serves an elegant example of this dish


While Marylanders are proud of their traditional barbeques, pit-beef is the native staple. Savor lean-cut beef cooked over high heat, sliced thin right off the fire and served on a kaiser roll. (Many local stands also offer pit-ham and pit-turkey.  Pioneer Pit Beef in Catonsville makes some of the best

Snapping Turtle Soup

Turtle soup is such a beloved tradition that the terrapin became the mascot of the University of Maryland. The hallmark of a perfect turtle soup is a dark aromatic broth with a rich, beefy flavor. Though now a rarity, Tidewater Inn in Easton serves what is known as the snapper soup gold standard

Tomato Sandwich

When local tomatoes are perfectly ripe, thick slices are finished with salt, pepper and a dollop of mayo, then gently pressed into soft white bread to soak up the juices. Gertrude’s in the Baltimore Museum of Art features them as a special.


Succulent, sweet, and bursting with the crisp, clean soul of the Chesapeake, our oysters offer unparalleled flavor. Savor them fried with mouthwatering lettuce and tomato in a traditional oyster sandwich; steeped in fresh, local cream and their own savory brine as part of an oyster stew; or simply shucked raw, straight from a skipjack.

Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham

Whole ham scored with deep slits and stuffed with cayenne-spiked cabbage and greens is part of everyday life in Southern Maryland, and is done exceptionally well at St. Mary’s Landing Restaurant in Charlotte Hall.


 truly authentic coddie, or codfish cake, like the one you’ll find at Shore Seafood in Baltimore’s Northeast Market, combines tender chunks of salt cod, mashed potatoes and cracker meal gently fried into a delicate cake.

Berger Cookie

German immigrant Henry Berger created the Berger Cookie (no “s” when saying it) in Baltimore in 1835—a cakey cookie base topped with an extravagant amount of dark chocolate fudge, available in grocery and specialty shops throughout the state


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