Public Art Across Maryland

The year-long MSAC 50th anniversary celebration will be marked by a special program to create public art in every jurisdiction in Maryland. The Maryland State Arts Council will offer grants totaling $120,000 toward original site-specific artworks celebrating and honoring the arts. Grants will be available to County Arts Councils in all 23 counties and the City of Baltimore. APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, April 30, 2018.

Public Art Across Maryland Goals:  

  • To celebrate and honor MSAC’s 50th Anniversary through original site-specific artworks
  • The artworks will be unique to the locale and place and be publicly accessible for all to enjoy
  • It is intended the artworks be a destination for locals and visitors alike
  • The artworks will uphold artist excellence showcasing the talent of Maryland artists

The public artwork may be a sculpture, mural, tile mosaic, mixed media, photography, or digitally produced work. It may also be a functional amenity such as: benches, bike racks, identity signage, fence, gateway, or lightwork. The artwork may be sited in any interior or exterior space accessible to the public, including schools, community centers, parks, plazas, sidewalks, trails, and government buildings, and be free and accessible to the public.

County Arts Councils apply as the lead applicant and have the option to partner with a geographically adjacent County Arts Council and/or partner with an Arts and Entertainment District (A&E)*, arts organization, public agency, or private business. County Arts Councils are eligible to apply for $5,000, or can partner with a geographically adjacent County Arts Council for up to $10,000. Grants require a 1:1 match. Project budgets may exceed the MSAC grant and match amount.

Guidelines and application available online:

For questions about the Public Art Across Maryland program contact Liesel Fenner Public Art Program Manager,

*Note: In FY18 Arts and Entertainment Districts may apply for public art funding through the Public Art Project grant program.

Image: "Wine Vane of the Helenium Automnale" (2017)   Artists: Howard Connely, Nehemiah Dixon III, Barbara Johnson, Krista Schlyer 
Photo Courtesty of the Prince George's Arts & Humanities Council