Slim Harrison

Traditional Arts

Frederick County, MD

Slim Harrison

Slim Harrison performingQuietly charismatic Slim Harrison is a one-man powerhouse of musical folk arts: a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who builds his own banjos and dulcimers; leader of a children’s jug-band; a storyteller, barn-dance caller, and clogger—the list goes on.

His overall mission is to preserve and promote America’s rich multi-ethnic heritage of traditional folk music, dance, and art. Based in Frederick, Harrison for over 40 years has performed all over the country and world at schools, residencies, and festivals, alongside children and professional music superstars alike.

“I’ve learned a little bit from everyone I met as I traveled around this great country,” he says.

His Peaceweavers project, in collaboration with Brynda Ambush Harrison, is one of many highly original programs he offers to learners of all ages. The Harrisons use the techniques of collaborative weaving to teach peaceful conflict resolution skills. If you find yourself at a Slim Harrison event, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to jump in and help weave strands of fabric into a beautiful peace-wheel, or put on a pair of wooden shoes to stomp rhythms into the ground, or try your hand at the spoons, harmonicas, and duck-callers. It’s all about participation.

Slim Harrison
16530 Eyler's Valley Road
Emmitsburg, MD 21727